Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Thank You Note

I wish to thank Mr Khoo Soo Seng of Koni Investment Pte. Ltd for thier support in supplying and sponsoring me with some of the DiveRite Equipment for this Attempt. For more information, you can visit Koni Investment Pte. Ltd 

Thank you again

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Longest Open Saltwater Diving for Malaysia Book of Records & Guinness World Records™ Challenge

Hello everyone, since my last attempt has been postponed to next may, I have decided to take this challenge to a new level. I am attempting to not only set a new Malaysia Book of Records, but to set a new Guinness World Records™ in this category.

After submitting my application to the Guinness World Records Office, They have accepted my application and gave me a new category to attempt. 

I know with the right training and the right mental attitude, this will be achievable. In order to carry out this attempt, there are a lot of things involved. There is the monetary issue and there is a logistic issues, and there are safety issues to be looked at. I am currently looking to put up together an experience divers to be part of this exiting event and at the same time I am desperately looking for any corporations or individuals to come forwards with sponsorships.

This is a non-profit event, certain percentage of the sponsorships will be donated to various charity organizations and also to Coral Malaysia, a non-profit organization dedicated to create public awareness through strategic thinking and unique programs in order to help protect coral reef and its ecosystem.


mentally, I have rehearsed this a million times over and over again, Physically, I am currently working my butt out in the gym, getting in shape and doing cardio training. Conditioning myself to the environment is another part of the training. I have to be at home and one with my surrounding, what best to do but be a shark rite? and my favorite shark is a BullShark and my DM call sign is BullShark. So I imagine myself a a shark and so far it works fine with me.

The Event

I will be assisted by a group of Rescue Divers and a Medical Team on standby throughout this attempt. I will be using a Pelagian Rebreather as well as Open Circuit Scuba System. I will go on Nitrox with air breaks in between. I will be on a very strict liquid diet throughout this attempt. I will be using a Neptune Predator for these attempt

There will be a surface crew on standby during this attempt. They will monitor my situation using a surface to diver communication system. I will have an underwater Cellphone system where i can receive and make call using Celcom services

The Rescue Diver will monitor my condition underwater and will relate the information to the surface.


there are really no way of knowing what sort of problems that we will face during this attempt, so we have to think and rethink about all the possible problem scenarios such as equipment malfunction, cold, fatigue, boredom and the list goes on and on..

stay tune.. I will be updating this site as often as i can.. so, please check back from time to time to find out the latest development on this attempt.


Thank you

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Longest Open Saltwater Scuba Dive

Greetings everyone and thank you for dropping by to my blog. As some of you are aware, I am attempting to create a new Malaysia Book of Records and challenge the current World Record for the above category. 

The date has been set at 20th may, 2009 and the venue is still will be Pulau Tioman, Pahang. I know, I have been postponing the date for this event for almost a year. I hope that you will understand that due to lack of sponsorship, I cant do it this year.

I hope that by next year, I would be able to set the new record as well as challenging the world record for this category. 

Mentally, I'm more than prepared to do this, but financially, its tough. 

Thursday, April 10, 2008